Accident Abroad Injury Claims

Being injured abroad may well be even more traumatic than being injured at home. If you are injured in a foreign country you may not speak the language or have the support of family or friends.

In addition, the country you are living or working in may have less sympathetic personal injury law than the UK does.

What If I’ve Been Injured Overseas?

You may also have a claim if you are injured in transit. Accidents at sea or in the air are covered by specific international laws which may make it easier to succeed in your claim.

If you are working overseas for a UK employer, then that employer is under the same duty to protect you as if you were working in the UK. They have to take all reasonable precautions to ensure your safety while you are at work.

If you are on a package holiday that was booked through a UK tour operator, then they may be liable if you suffer an injury whilst on that trip. On a package holiday, the tour operator can be responsible for the hotel, the food, your transit from the airport etc.

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