Head And Brain Injury Claims

If you have been injured in the last three years, and it wasn’t your fault, you may be able to claim compensation. The amount you are able to claim depends on the type and severity of your injury. Personal Injury Claims Aberdeen can help you get the compensation you are entitled to. Our compensation guide outlines the levels of compensation for some of the most common types of injury.

Head Injury Compensation

Head injuries are among the most serious of all injuries and can have far reaching and unanticipated consequences for the sufferer. Few other injuries can have such a substantial effect on the personality and quality of life as the injured party. Head injuries can range from the severe, such as permanent brain damage to the relatively minor and superficial. The law recognises and offers a wide range of potential levels of compensation for head injuries.

Head Injuries Compensation – Brain Damage

Very Severe Brain Damage

£185,000 – £265,000

In these cases, the injured party will offer little, if any, response to their environment, little or no language function and there will be the need for permanent full-time care. They may nonetheless still exhibit an ability to follow basic commands.

The level of award will be influenced by the degree of ‘insight’ the person retains, their life expectancy following the injury and the extent of their physical limitations.

Moderately Severe Brain Damage

£144,000 – £185,000

Persons who fall into this bracket will be very seriously disabled. They will depend greatly on others for care, normally professional. There may be physical disabilities (eg. Paralysis of the limbs) or cognitive (e.g. impairment of intellect and personality) The court will consider, among other things: the life expectancy of the sufferer, the extent of their physical limitation, the degree to which they are dependent on others, their ability to communicate, abnormalities in their behaviour and whether or not epilepsy is a factor.

Moderate Brain Damage

There are three sub-categories here:

£98,500 – £144,000

This will be awarded where there is moderate/severe reduction in intellect, a change in the persons personality, detrimental effect to the senses and no prospect of employment.

£59,500 – £98,500

This will be awarded in slightly less severe cases. There will be a moderate/modest reduction in intellect, the sufferers ability to work is greatly reduced or removed and there is a risk of epilepsy.

£28,250 – £59,500

In these cases there will be some effect on memory and concentration, the sufferer’s ability to work is reduced and there is a small risk of epilepsy. In these cases there is normally little or no dependence on others.

Minor Brain Damage

In these cases, the injured person will normally have made a good recovery and regained most of their faculties. They will be able to resume work and their social life with relative ease. There will be some minor ongoing difficulties such as poor concentration and changes in mood. These factors will interfere with the enjoyment of work, leisure and social function. The court will take into account: the severity of the injury which caused the brain damage, the extent to which any disability is permanent, the extent of any change in personality and the whether or not depression exists.

Minor Head Injury

£1,450 – £8,400

If there is no brain damage, or minimal brain damage, this will be an appropriate award. The court will take heed of the extent and severity of the initial injury, how long recovery takes and ongoing symptoms (such as headaches).


If epilepsy is a factor, or is a direct result of the injury, then the court can make an additional or a stand alone award.

Epilepsy Grand Mal

£66,000 – £98,500

Epilepsy Petit Mal

£36,000 – £86,000

The court will take into account: the extent to which attacks are capable fo being controlled by medication; the effect this mediation has on the sufferers life, the effect the epilepsy has on their work/social life; behavioural problems and the medical prognosis.

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