I Might Have Been Partly To Blame – Can I Still Claim?

Sometimes, personal injury cases aren’t clear cut. In many cases, it is clear who is at fault but on other occasions, it can be harder to attribute blame.

Contributory Negligence

In cases where there is more than one party to blame for your injury (including you, if this is the case) then the law splits blame between the ‘guilty’ parties.

This has the effect of reducing your compensation award in proportion to the amount of blame that each party bears. So, if you are 20% to blame, you will receive 80% of the total amount.

So, even if you are partly to blame, you are still protected by the law and you will still receive some compensation. Obviously it is often a matter of fact as to who is to blame so the more evidence we can gather, the stronger your case becomes. We will always fight to get you 100% of the compensation.

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