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£10K compensation following police dog bite

Posted in: Animal Attacks Head and Brain Injuries Shoulder Injuries 

20-year-old Rhys Bennet has been awarded a £10,000 compensation pay out after being bitten by a police dog in October 2007. Rhys underwent a “terrifying” attack when aged 12 whilst playing in a park in Sapcote, Leicester with his friends. Police had been called to the park where it had been reported that children were kicking the pavilion. Police, together with dog handlers, were called to the park and an Alsatian police dog sunk its teeth into Rhys’ shoulder and bit him on the face. Rhys had to undergo surgery as a result of the situation.

“truly traumatic experience”

Following the attack, Rhys was bullied at school and suffered an adjustment disorder together with anxiety and depression, which brought on mood swings that lasted for more than a year after the incident. His lawyer said:

“This has been a truly traumatic experience for my client, not only in terms of what happened to him, but also in terms of how long it has taken for this claim to be resolved”.

Due to the injuries to his face, Rhys had to undergo facial surgery. The dog bit him in the lip, and Rhys described it as:

“It was terrifying. I couldn’t move.  The dog’s teeth bit into my lip and there was blood gushing everywhere. I was so scared”.

The dog handler stated that he did not recognise that the assailants were children as they were all running away from the scene. 

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