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Car worker awarded compensation following exposure to chemical fumes

Posted in: Employer Negligence Industrial Deafness and Disease Workplace Injuries 

A 59-year-old car worker has been awarded compensation following the inhalation of chemical fumes whilst at work.  The worker, who has remained unnamed, was working on a production line at a car factory in Solihull when he noticed a strange smell. He started to feel light-headed and passed out on the concrete floor. The worker felt tightness across his chest and experienced breathlessness. First aid workers initially administered oxygen, but when it was clear that his condition was not improving. He was rushed to a local hospital where doctors diagnosed that exposure to the fumes had reactivated asthma from which he had been free since the age of 10. 

No notice given to those working nearby

It was discovered some time later that the fumes were caused by nearby contract workers using a product called Sikafloor-Proseal PRO to harden concrete. When working with this product, workers should be wearing protective respiratory masks, however no notice had been given to those working nearby that they should be taking steps to avoid inhaling the fumes.

The worker remained ill for several days following the incident, experiencing symptoms such as migraines and nausea.  He has continued to feel under par and unable to participate in the same physical activities he did previously. 

He approached solicitors to explore the possibility of compensation for the damage to his health. His solicitors carried out investigations and ascertained that despite the chemical being labelled as hazardous, no one had thought to warn nearby workers. It was found that the car worker’s employers had not instigated adequate risk assessment, and as a result, one of their employees is now suffering on a day-to-day basis.

His solicitors were able to secure an undisclosed sum for their client.

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