Offshore Injury Claims

Although there are many advantages of working offshore, the nature of the work and the machinery involved means that from time to time accidents occur. It is important to note that such accidents are rare given the strict regulations in place. When such accidents do occur, they do not normally cause an injury. However, if you have been unfortunate enough to suffer an injury offshore as a result of a faulty machine or individuals’ or organisations’ negligence you may be able to claim compensation with a assistance of a solicitor** in Aberdeen.

Offshore Accident Compensation

There are a number of offshore injuries that may result in compensation being payable. Although it is not possible to compile an exhaustive list, research published by the Health and Safety Executive shows that most injuries were caused by being struck by a moving object and as a result of a slip,trip or fall. The next category was injuries arising as a result of having to carry or lift items. These categories, along with falls from height accounted for approximately 4 out of every 5 injuries. In terms of the actual injuries suffered, over 90% of serious injuries were to the limbs.

Make a Claim for an Offshore Injury

If you have suffered from an offshore injury, in places such as on an oil rig, you may face a number of obstacles with regard to bringing a claim for compensation. For example, you may have signed a number of documents at the commencement of your employment relating to liability and any future claims. Further, you may not understand exactly who the claim should be brought against as there may be a number of parties involved, such as the rig operator, a contractor, or your direct employer. Further, there may be jurisdictional issues and a number of foreign companies involved. These sorts of issues can be easily resolved with the help of an experienced solicitor** in Aberdeen, who will be used to dealing with offshore injuries, regardless of whether it is a minor injury or a fatal accident. The Aberdeen expert will assess how much compensation may be awarded by looking at a number of facts, including:

  • the events that led up to the injury,
  • the seriousness of the injury
  • any financial losses that may have been suffered.

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