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Paramedic compensated for broken nose after being headbutted by assailant

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A paramedic from Isleworth, who has opted to remain unnamed, has received an undisclosed figure in compensation for an attack that took place when he was called to an altercation in Acton, West London. The 46-year-old was responding to a call from a chip shop owner, who was being distressed by a customer who seemed to be very much under the influence of alcohol in the middle of the afternoon. The paramedic team attended the disturbance, but the assailant refused to receive medical attention from the paramedics. He seemed to leave the scene of the disturbance, however when the paramedic returned to his ambulance, the man reappeared and headbutted him on the face. He headbutted the paramedic so viciously that he broke his nose. His nose was broken so badly that he had to undergo reparatory surgery, and remained unable to work for the following five weeks.

Lost sense of taste and smell

At the time of the incident there was no police back-up as they had not been contacted by the chip shop owner.  Solicitors acting on behalf of the paramedic uncovered that several incidents similar to this had occurred in the past and pointed out that employers should have taken steps to ensure the safety of their staff. It was brought to light that procedures should have been put in place to carry out a call-out assessment. If operators felt that there was a chance that paramedics could be put in the way of danger, police services should be sought. Those procedures had never been put in place by the London Ambulance Service.

The injured paramedic lost his sense of taste and smell as a result of the attack, and continues to suffer long-term effects. There is a chance that he will require further surgery in the future, but it is not known if anything can be done to make his situation any better.

The London Ambulance Service admitted liability for their employee’s injuries and offered compensation.

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