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Vibration White Finger Compensation

Vibration white finger is an unfortunately common complaint which arises as a result of exposure to vibration. Vibration white finger (or VWF) is a progressive condition and its development is influenced by a number of factors including the length of exposure, the duration of exposures and the severity of the offending vibration.

In making compensation awards for vibration white finger, the law uses a scale system. Each hand and finger is assessed separately. The court also takes into account the level of disablement of each finger and the impact the condition will have on the employment prospects of the sufferer.

The brackets are as follows

Most serious: £20,750 – £25,250

This will be awarded where the condition can be said to affect an entire hand, not just individual fingers.

Serious: £11,000 – £20,750

Moderate: £5,7000 – £11,000

Minor £2,000 – £5,700

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