Who Pays My Compensation?

If you are injured in an accident, who actually pays your compensation? This can be an issue when it comes to making a claim if, for instance you are worried about the reaction of an employer.

Personal Injury Compensation

Usually however, your compensation will be paid by an insurer. In road traffic accident claims, for instance, it is the other side’s insurer who pays. Similarly, it is often your employer’s insurers who pay your claim. Thus, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to your employer. Your claim is unlikely to be financially prejudicial to them. Further, your employer is prevented by law from treating you any differently as a result of a claim against them for personal injury.

Obviously, insurers want to keep their costs down and they will offer settlements lower than that which you might expect. They are experienced and skilled negotiators which is why it pays to enlist the help of experienced personal injury solicitors. We will negotiate with them on your behalf to get you as much compensation as we can.

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