Will I Have To Go To Court?

One of the most common questions in personal injury claims is “will I have to go to court?” Some people do not want the stress of reliving their injury in open court, while others are keen to have their ‘day in court’ and address the party who injured them.

Going To Court – Personal Injury Claims

The reality is that the vast majority of personal injury claims are settled before they get anywhere near the court. Claims are often directed against the other side’s insurers. Thus, they are keen to negotiate a settlement without the need to go to court. Most of the work in a personal injury claim is quantifying your loss and then negotiating this with the other side’s insurers.

If we can’t agree on a sum, or there is a complex point of law to be discussed, we may need to go to court. However, a large number of cases settle ‘on the steps of the court’, as the other side makes a last minute offer to save the process of actually litigating.

We will advise you of the prospects of settlement and a likely figure before this happens, and we will never accept a settlement you are not happy with.

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