Neck Injury Claims

If you have suffered a neck injury in the last three years, and it wasn’t your fault, you may be able to claim compensation. The amount you are able to claim depends on the type and severity of your injury. Personal Injury Claims Aberdeen can help you get the compensation you are entitled to. Our compensation guide outlines the levels of compensation for some of the most common types of injury.

Neck Injuries Compensation

The neck is an extremely vulnerable bodypart. The relative weight of the head often causes whiplash in car accidents, one of the most frequent causes of personal injury claims.

Neck injuries can lead to back and shoulder problems and vice versa. Types of neck injury include bone damage to the vertebrae in the neck, or soft-tissue damage caused by force or repetitive strain.

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Severe Neck Injuries

In the region of £97,500

Neck injuries associated with paraplegia or neck injuries where there is no movement in the neck after a period of years and there are associated incurable headaches.

£43,000 – £86,000

Severe injuries which give rise to disability, but are not as severe as those found above.

In the region of £36,000

Injuries which cause severe damage to soft tissue and/or tendons in the neck. These injuries will cause ‘significant disability of a permanent nature’.  The court will take into account the extent and length of symptoms, and the medical outlook/.

£16,400 – £21,600

Injuries such as fractures or dislocations which cause severe and immediate symptoms. These injuries will necessitate the fusion of the spine and leave the sufferer with severely impaired function.

Moderate Neck Injuries

£9,000 – £16,4000

Injuries involving whiplash or other wrenching type injuries which result in serious pain and reduction in movement. These types of injury will also result in stiffness and discomfort and the possible need for surgery.

£5,150 – £9,000

Injuries which worsen or cause a recurrence of a pre-existing condition. There is normally a return to full function or ‘nuisance’ levels of pain and discomfort within a few years. This will also apply to whiplash injuries of a minor nature.

Minor Neck Injuries

£875 – £5,150

Minor soft-tissue injuries from which a full recovery is possible within 1-2 years. The court will take into account the recovery period when deciding upon an appropriate level of compensation.

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