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Golfer to payout £10,000 in compensation to fellow sportsman

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A golfer from Lanarkshire is being forced to pay £10,000 in compensation to a fellow golfer who suffered serious injuries as a result of his ‘mis-hit ball’. 46-year-old John Ure was playing at Bellshill Golf Club when an erroneous drive hit him directly on the head with such force that he fell to the ground. Mr Ure suffered serious injuries as a result of the incident, for which he required hospital treatment. He raised action against golfer Stewart Muir for his injuries.

Mr Muir offered his sincerest apologies to Mr Ure and said that he hadn’t expected the ball to travel so far to the right. He said that as soon as he realised, he shouted “fore” and two of Mr Ure’s group took cover, but Mr Ure did not. Lord Brailsford said that Mr Muir’s shot was very obviously hazardous to anyone in Mr Ure’s position, and ordered him to pay £10,000 in compensation.

Loss of enthusiasm for the sport

The compensation package was settled following a recent hearing at the Court of Sessions in Edinburgh, despite the action originally being filed in March 2013.

It was heard that Mr Ure suffered a serious head injury in the incident, and was even knocked to the ground from the ball’s force. He suffered nausea and illness following the incident, so went to hospital later that day. Mr Ure said in court that he now suffers with “intermittent severe headaches” and has lost his enthusiasm for the sport.

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