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Investment allows positive improvements in NHS

Posted in: Medical Negligence 

Following concerns about how the NHS was coping with the additional pressure of winter, newly released figures have found some positive improvements. Figures have revealed a large drop in the amount of time patients have to spend in A&E. This follows a major investment of £50m, which was injected into NHS Scotland in an attempt to improve emergency care. The number of patients who had to wait longer than 12 hours in a hospital accident and emergency department has decreased greatly since the investment. Health Secretary Alex Neil said that NHS Scotland is now coping “much better”.

Despite believing that hospitals across the country are starting to improve, Mr Neil did say that this should not trigger clinical complacency, as the worst may still come. December 2012 saw 323 patients who had to wait for more than 12 hours in A&E, whereas December 2013 has only seen 42 patients in this position — a drop of 87%. 

93.5% seen within four-hour waiting time target

In addition to this, there has been a 69% decrease in the number of patients spending more than 8 hours in A&E — dropping from 1,555 to 480 in the same amount of time. December 2013 saw 93.5% of patients being treated within the four-hour waiting time target.

Mr Neil said: “Following last winter, we recognised that improvements needed to be made, and that is why we introduced our three-year £50m emergency care action plan, to help improve emergency care across Scotland.” This investment has allowed the execution of this much-needed improvement in care.

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