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M&S fall victim receives hospital treatment and no apology

Posted in: Head and Brain Injuries Public Place Accidents Shop Accidents 

65-year-old Jennifer Buchanan had to be rushed to Ninewells Hospital with a head injury after slipping outside her local Marks and Spencer. Mrs Buchanan said that she slipped on the wet ground outside the entrance of M&S in June, causing her to hit her head off the ground. It was reported last week that two women are suing the firm after suffering broken bones from slipping at the front door of the same store in Murraygate. Both incidents occurred after heavy rainfall.

Mrs Buchanan said that she felt greatly let down by the company after receiving no response to the letter she wrote to the store manager. She said: “I would have thought that by now someone from the store would have got back in touch with me to at least apologise.

Hood on her coat “cushioned the blow”

Mrs Buchanan said that she had gone to the shop in flat shoes, but the tiles before the entrance were very slippery from the bad weather. She said that she was grateful to have been wearing the hood on her coat, which she believes “cushioned the blow” to her head. She said if her injuries were any worse, she would have been seeking legal action.

Despite the lack of apology from store management, she said that a first-aider from the store had been very helpful, and even called her two days after the incident to make sure that she was ok.

A spokeswoman from Marks & Spencer said that the company would soon be contacting Mrs Buchanan about her accident.

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