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New EU rules for more fuel-efficient & safer lorries

Posted in: Road Traffic Accidents 

The European Commission has proposed new rules to allow manufacturers to develop more aerodynamic lorries which will reduce fuel consumption by 7-10%, cut emissions of greenhouse gases, and also enhance the safety of vulnerable road users.

One of the main advantages of the proposal is that it will lead to better road safety. The current “brick shape” front of the cabin can increase the severity of injury to road users in a collision. It also reduces the driver’s sideways field of vision. This is particularly dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians at junctions.

The proposal will allow for cabins with a rounded shape, which will  improve the field of vision of the driver, helping to save the lives of 300 to 500 vulnerable road users such as pedestrians or cyclists every year.

The rules setting the specifications for heavy goods vehicles date back to 1996 (Directive 96/53/EC). They now need to be updated to take account of technological developments.

The current proposal must be adopted by the European Parliament and Member States before becoming law. The new trucks could be expected to be seen on the roads by 2018-2020.

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