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Pensioner wins £10k following serious personal injury

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An 81-year-old woman has been awarded £10,000 in injury compensation after being pushed to the ground by a shopping centre’s automatic doors. Theresa Kean, from Dundee, had been walking through the doors at the Wellgate shopping centre in October 2011 when the incident happened. It was heard that a disabled access button activated the doors, which she pushed, yet the doors only remained open for a very short amount of time. The doors pushed her to the ground, causing her to suffer severe chest and knee injuries.

“highlights the responsibilities of those running public facilities”

Mrs Kean decided to take legal action against the shopping centre’s owners, property company St James’s Place Wealth Management PLC, at Edinburgh’s Court of Session. The action was lodged in September last year. Her lawyer stated:

We were pleased to bring this case to a successful and agreeable conclusion. This is another local example in Dundee that highlights the responsibilities those running public facilities have to ensure they are safe for everyone to use.

Wellgate manager, Jon Walton, made a statement saying that all incidents at the centre are recorded and “appropriate action taken if necessary”. Where the company claims that the shopping centre is listed as their number 5 in “top ten holdings”, it was found that in July 2013 there were plans to refurbish the entire centre, including the building of a 900-seat cinema.

It was ruled that the company was liable for Mrs Kean’s injuries, and she was awarded £10,000 in personal injury compensation.

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