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Stair lift worker awarded compensation for falling down steps

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A stair lift worker from Inverness has been awarded compensation after falling down a step. Kathryn Hay (45) won £2500, after she slipped from one step to another while measuring them during the installation of a stair lift. Ms Hay had been using an expandable meter stick when the accident happened in a house in Lossiemouth. One end of the stick began to fall while she was measuring, causing Ms Hay to reach out and grab it. This caused her to slide from one step to the one below.

The accident caused Ms Hay to suffer an injury to her lower back, which resulted in her having to take time off work.  She endured pain for three months after the slip. At the Court of Session in Edinburgh last week, Ms Hay was awarded £2500 in damages from her employer Advanced Chairlifts (Scotland) Ltd.

“Risk of falling”

The judge ruled that even though there was no reliable witness — due to the accident having happened in 2009 — she believed the pursuer to be “truthful and reliable”. Ms Hay’s lawyers blamed the equipment provided by the firm, arguing that an accident was bound to happen. Judge Lady Stacey agreed that the equipment carried a potential risk:

“The work she had to do involved extending a metre stick while on stairs. It is foreseeable that such a manoeuvre involves a risk of falling.”

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