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Villagers fight for improved road safety after another car accident

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Villagers continue to campaign for improved road safety on an infamous junction after yet another accident. The collision occurred between a van and a car at the Freuchie Mill Road junction on the A92, but luckily nobody was hurt. BEAR Scotland said that improvements were being made to the area’s roads, however, community council secretary Patrick Laughlin said that this is not enough.

BEAR Scotland confirmed that better road markings and signage had been put in place in the area to prevent further accidents from happening in the future. Mr Laughlin however branded this lack of action “pitiful”. He said that these minor changes were not enough to prevent further injury or death on the road, and said that community campaigning would only continue to “get louder and more vociferous”.

“we are listening to the local community concerns”

The community council wrote to Transport Scotland, stating that they want to see the creation of a roundabout at the Bridgend Garden Centre junction and a pedestrian crossing at the Freuchie Mill Road junction.

A Transport Scotland spokesperson said: “We are listening to the local community concerns regarding safety issues on the A92 and taking action on several fronts to address these as part of our commitment to delivering the route accident reduction plan.

Transport Scotland confirmed that provisional costing had been carried out to install a roundabout on the Bridgend junction, and that they had also received Fife Council’s wider action plan for road improvements in the area. A spokesperson said they are “currently reviewing the report”.

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