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Boy’s neck broken at same Edinburgh school that crushed girl to death

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A young boy is currently recovering after breaking his neck in the gym hall of his Edinburgh school. The accident happened less than a year after a pupil was crushed to death by a wall at the same school. 12-year-old Alan Ramsay had been swinging on a goal post in his PE class at Liberton High School when it collapsed, knocking him unconscious and causing him to suffer several broken bones, including his neck and jaw.

Fellow pupils crowded in terror as he lay unconscious for three minutes. He was immediately rushed to hospital by ambulance. His family worried that he would become paralysed following the accident, but doctors assured them that his mobility was not affected by the fall.

“Full risk assessment of all gym activities”

Doctors believe that he will make a full recovery, but have concerns about damage to a blood vessel in his brain. This is quite uncommon amongst children and could leave him at risk of a stroke. Doctors are currently working on the best way to treat the ‘kink’ in the vessel.

In April of last year 12-year-old Keane Wallis-Bennet was crushed to death in the school’s PE changing rooms after a wall collapsed on top of her. A spokesman from the city council said:

“The school has carried out a full risk assessment of all gym activities, and other schools and community centres have been instructed to carry out an immediate review of similar equipment.”

The Health and Safety Executive has been informed of the incident.

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